Here are some photos I took between the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. I took them on my Argus 75 with 120mm film developed and scanned at Photoworks in San Francisco.

I suppose all rights reserved. Feel free to use on social media but please link back to this album.

Brittany and Andrea on the ferry to the Adirondacks during the fall decade ride

Noah, Andrea and folks picnicking on the decade

That one spot we always circle up on the fall decade

almost identical to a photo I took 3 years prior on the fall decade. That's Noah with the arm there

My mother in Norwich Vermont

Weddings are serious business. Heheh. Noah, Conor and Sam at David & Liz's wedding

experimental long exposure of dance floor at David & Liz's wedding (Argus' shutter only has 1/60th or open shutter as options)

Meghan and Lily at Megan's work, October 2015

Two shots of more or less the same angle out the window of my bedroom in San Francisco, 2016

Jenny, couchsurfer from Stockholm in Bayview, SF, January 2016
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