Tea Fryme: Sabbatical

I owe a debt of gratitude to Noah for planting the seed of this trip way back in 2002 via the following remarkable song:

These pages are my attempt at formally stating some thoughts on my travels. I'm opting towards more in-the-moment type notes than thorough post-trip essays though they are edited down a bit.

I chose to code this by hand on my own server rather than work through an existing social network/service for a few reasons. One is that I'm a stubborn control freak. Two is that I reject the system and want to look cool. Three is that I don't really want my semi-rushed thoughts being ushered into the flow of reblogging, retweeting, liking, favoriting and comments so easily.

Doing the photos is a bit of a pita so I might incorporate some tools beyond TextEdit and Photoshop into my workflow. Suggestions may be submitted to trav at teafry.me.

For better or worse, part 1...