s o l a r     t r u c k


In mid-April 2016 I acquired a solar powered (no gasoline or fuel, runs just on sunlight) truck. The truck is named Martin because the key to Martin came with a wooden keychain which reads, "Martin" (which was added to the keyring because it was the original owner Karen's father's name). Martin the truck is a Kei Truck size pickup truck. It was manufactured by a company called Dymac in San Diego in 2008. The only information I can find about them is this autoblog article from 2008 and the archive of their website. Also, Karen provided me this incredibly janky copy of a news report she and the truck were in.

The EValbum profile for the truck is here.

Trips & Reports



David Boyd and I driving to San Francisco from Mountain View. We barely made it. Dave pushed me and the truck over the top of this overpass because the truck had conked out on the way up. What a journey, what a photo.

Liz Crawford took this video of a little truck ride at the studio

David unloading the plants we picked up for work. This was fun because we pulled right up to the door. The truck is so small and quiet I can sneak up right next to the bike rack.

I asked Elon Musk if he was planning on putting solar panels on cars and 3.5 years later Tesla comes out with a solar truck :p


In February I had the truck shipped from California to Vermont. We were going to drive it but it wasn't in the cards at the time.

Rain jug acquisition


lego shifter blog post coming soon...


> eight 6v AGM batteries
> 48v motor
> direct drive transmission
> 520 watts of solar on the roof
> 15A, 110v plug-in charger (have only used once)
> batteries charge from empty in 6 hours of FULL sunlight. Reality it's more like 2 days of real-life sun
> range depends on many factors but it's usually ~30 miles
> legally restricted to traveling at 25mph on roads of 35mph or slower (in most states) as it is classified as an NEV/LSV
> compressed air braking system plus parking break. No regenerative braking
> all 3 bed sides fold down

Looking Forward

Sadly Dymac is no longer in business and there is no company currently producing solar pickup trucks that I'm aware of. There are a few companies working on producing solar vehicles and I am compiling them on are.na.

Also out of business is the site where I found Maritn, EV Tradin' Post. But EV Finder is still kickin' and has an awesome, similar DIY EV vibe.

For someone looking for an NEV pickup the $5,000 Pickman might be your best bet.