Hi, welcome to my page about html.

I learned HTML on a Macintosh SE in 1997. I've since taught myself CSS and some JavaScript. I still code in TextEdit. I put enough design work into the UI of this site so that it is clean and functional. The rest of the design work is in making things as basic and resilient as possible for me on the back-end. Plain, hand-coded text keeps me proficient and nimble. But, yes, it is janky! :) This site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi that I run myself.


In 2019 I made a site for BBBB

In 2018 Francesca and I put together Dandelion Cafe, (I made the website).

During my time at UVM I re-wrote the UVMtv website.

Oh man, also back in the day I used to have a hotbot website, a geocities, a pitas.com blog, a modblog.com blog...

I made a lot of tumblrs back in the day:

Lunar, was once my main blog. I've since migrated this blog to Are.na
Slowbro, 45s played at 33 speed. I've since migrated this blog to Are.na
Trav For Governor, the site for my casual run for governor, 2010
Finger Painting With Food, a food blog with Becca and Sophie. I've since migrated this blog to Are.na
Free Gadget Porn, like Free Cabin Porn(SFW) but for gadgets. I've since migrated this blog to Are.na

(among others: Letterpress Poetry, handheld doodles, Fuck Yeah Vintage Space Lego, Sandor Memestar, Pants Records, People Wearing Fake Google Glass)