Beams is a poetry zine I sometimes write. So far it's been all work from myself, mostly poetry. Some tweets. Below you can find information about each issue. You're welcome to print your own issues, PDF links are below. Issues 1 and 3 can be complicated to fold but this and this should help.

~ issue 1
The first issue came out in February 2014. I printed up a few, left a few at Philz coffee on 24th st and gave the rest to friends. PDF download.

~ issue 2
I named the second issue beans kind of as a joke. I had much longer written pieces so I changed the printed format to 8.5"x11" pages folded in half and stapled in the middle. The pages of the PDF are how I printed it so if you're reading it via the PDF be aware that the first page shows the rear and front cover, second page shows first page and last page, the third page shows third page and second to last page, and the last page is the center pages. Does that make any sense? I printed a few out and I think I gave them away at open studios at the Noonan Building in October 2014. PDF download.

~ issue 3
Issue 3 is called beens. I released it at SF Zine Fest 2017 by trading it for other people's zines and just giving it away. It's a little haphazard. It's a little inspired by the experience of working in 'IT'. PDF download