I don't silk screen much. I have enjoyed silkscreening since highschool.

bernie pillowcases

In 2015 I made a around 20 Bernie Sanders pillowcases. I was going to make tee shirts but I acquired all these pillow cases out of the dumpster at my work so I figured just use those for something.

some came out kinda scruffy

this one is a little cleaner

here's a stack. I need to dig up more pictures of these...

I sent them to friends for free and also sold a couple I think to cover my expenses. Any profit would have gone to the Bernie campaign. A friend told me she saw a picture of one on Tinder once...

Singularity Bike Challenge

In 2014 I did a silk screen for the Singularity University Bicycle Challenge (part of the National Bike Challenge) where staff and students competed together against other companies to see who can bike the most miles. My friend/colleague Joel designed the graphic and I made the silkscreen. I printed them on re-used shirts (often insided-out) and they were given to staff members who participated over a certain amount.