Secret Breakfast Sandwich Lunch Club


I'm tryna bring back SBSLC. The most recent iterations of it have been at the Old North End Ramble since 2021. Cryptically we advertised this as an SBSLC event on the ramble map but only served coffee and fritatta. Nevertheless twas lit.


In 2016 Dave and I ran a little scheme we called Secret Breakfast Sandwich Lunch Club (SBSLC).

One day at work I had become incensed that I could not get a fresh, delicious, best-in-the-world breakfast sandwich at 11am. NASA Ames was a food desert in 2016. I recalled eating breakfast sandwiches daily in the mid-morning in highschool. "I am an adult and I deserve a breakfast sandwich!"

So I bought a brand new old stock, made-in-america, vintage, electric hotplate on Etsy as well as some tomato shaped salt & pepper shakers. I brought in a cast iron skillet, cutting board and spatula from home and we were in business.

thank you Dave

And so it was that Dave and I would occasionally post up in the office 'bar' and crank out breakfast sandwiches. I would get the griddle going while Dave sprinted around collecting plates and utensils. Anyone who happened to sniff us out walking down the hall was welcome to a sandwich for free (suggested donations helped cover the cost of our Good Eggs order). The sandwiches would usually consist of an english muffin, smoked goat cheddar cheese, egg, and avocado (never meat).

here you can see some good fun with the dry ice that Good Eggs packed the gelato with. Also Tim who would also help put SBSLC together and Grace.

photo by Rich

Once we started getting some notoriety around the office and the Valley at large, we started an email list for those in-the-know to get the early whiff of an upcoming SBSLC.

In addition to breakfast sandwiches, we also started serving affogatos with the company espresso machine:

Here you can see Dennis and Francesca meeting for the first time at an SBSLC. We're all on a phone plan together now so what do ya know.

AND, for historical full disclosure, below is the last copy I have saved of the SBSLC ledger, though I think we had 1 or 2 more after that last date there...

who what when how (much?) in attendance / notes
trav supplies 1 -$44.43
Dave 4 sandwiches over a period of time? Wow $20
tim 1 sandwich $5
good eggs eggs, avos, gelato, cheese -$19
patrons april 1st donations $29.11 mikhail, lilia, luke, tim, dave, lesley, jeff
lilia radishes and celery for smoked goats on a log free
good eggs provisions 4/21/16 -39.41
patrons 4/21/16 23.2 Grace, Tim, Em, Rich, Barb,
Trav 2 avos, cuc, sprouts that I take home (removing from costs) 4/21/16 10
Trav I should be paying for my sandwiches! I forget how many I've had, probably like 6 30
patrons 7/21/2016 3 Greg paid, also Jenny, Dave, Mikhail, Pascal, Kat, Dennis, Brett, Alex, Vivian, maybe more...
good eggs 3 avos, 2 toms, smoked goat, english, doz eggs, 7/21/2016 -43.93
Trav I had one 7/21/2016 3
David for his double decker open face 7/22/2016 6
Mikhail sammy 7/22/2016 4
good eggs it's in the email, so many things 11/29/2016 -$66.29
patrons 12/2/2016 Dermot, Dave, David Scotton, Francesca, Brett, Barb, Carin attended no food, Vivian, Jemma from Finance, Adam, Dennis, 2 sandwiches total.
barb sandwich & affo gato 12/3/2016 5
Trav 2.5 sandwich & 2 affo gato (1.25 sandwiches and AG for Francesca) 12/4/2016 15
Francesca 2 avocados 12/5/2016
Dave 1.5 sandwiches, affogato and 1 future sandwich 12/5/16 16.575
Trav took elder stockage to Francesca's because it was getting old 12/8 10
Balance: -33.175
current stockage: butter, 1.5 avos, cheese, lil sorrel and a few peps