This is a lil photo journey of my trip to acquire the Dymac solar truck. I took many legs of public transit from Mountain View California to Julian California over the course of 19 hours starting Thursday night at 10pm. And picked up a nasty cold in the process. Stayed with a phenomenally kind man named Joe at a retreat center. He gave me a ride to pick up the truck. Sunday morning I took the scenic route to Ramona California where I met my friend Carlos. We loaded the truck on a trailer and hitched to his bigger truck. After a pitstop to take some drone footage of the rig (coming soon), and another pitstop in LA to pickup some furniture and a grill, we drove through the night back north. We arrived in Palo Alto Monday morning and I drove the car to work. And here are the photos...

I'm too lazy to do proper formatting so you might like to zoom.

they really know how to grow citrus in San Diego!

Karen and the truck right before I rode away in it

happy buyer (photo by Joe)

rainbow shade test

the yurt I stayed in. Wonderful experience at Camp Stevens

sick & blissed

out on the open road

barn photo opportunity while pulled over to investigate one of the many closed roads I thought I could drive on

the route I tried to take from Julian to Ramona. Ended up mostly on 78.

the first part was phenomenal windy rural roads

a clue! (killing time in Ramona)

contemplating the ease of escaping to Mexico

I'm tired of waiting around for carpet!!

loaded up!

Looking like Zoro or some shit plus Fabio

scoping for drone footage locations like whoa


more massive citrus!

dawn driving through Gilroy

made it to Palo Alto!!

made it to SU! (photo by Blave)