June 2018 Francesca and I took Martin 20 miles north of Burlington, Vermont to Georgia, Vermont to pick up an IBC tote for collecting rainwater. The 275 gallon jug, we were told, previously contained corn syrup. It was shipped all the way from Australia for use in a baby formula factory. Which, 1 is insane because don't we grow a lot of corn in this country, let alone this state?! And 2, we should be feeding our babies something better than corn syrup. But anyway. We paid the man from Craigslist and headed on our way...

the jug

Francesca and the jug

It turned out though, that with all the hills, our expected range of 30-40 miles was too generous. Despite fixing the plug-in charger and plugging the truck in for the first time in 1,500 miles, for an hour at a jiffy mart, we didn't quite make it. We ended up at the bottom of a hill with no sun, no where to plug in and no way to get over the hill. So we parked in a field, bike-locked the tote to the truck, and walked the last 3 miles home. The next day I biked back in the afternoon, Marty was all charged up and drove home. (more pictures of the final rain setup soon)