I, as most I know who knit, try to integrate knitting into everyday life. To knit whilst doing other things. Invariably, the finished product reminds me of the process. Sometimes the other activity I'm engaged in whilst knitting is mundane; such as the red-eye chinatown bus from NYP to BOS during which I finished my giant green scarf. But other times I am glad to have knitted during an experience so as to store the memory of the experience in an object. Such is the case with my black tie which I knitted during a neural network class I audited, and finished during the Jeff Mangum concert at the Unitarian church in Burlington, VT.

I knit by the seat of my pants. I knit from the hip. I don't use patterns. I just make it up as I go along.

I knit almost exclusively with needles I have carved from wooden chop sticks. The benefit of this is that they are free and if I have eaten at an Asian restaurant recently, they are reused. I am partial to the idea of being able to manifest not only the product but the tools to create the product as well. The detriment of knitting this way is that the needles are not very smooth and the gauge is not consistant.

The most recent tie I've knit. Supposed to look like it has moss growing on it, though those spots are where I messed up and had to fill in. I gave it to blave

On the left is the first tie I ever knit.

I let Murphy
have it since he let us stay with him in Florida during a lowkey thanksgiving bender in 2009.

I have knit 2 of these. In real life the color is closer to buff.

I finished the pink tie by knitting it onto myself. Detail

This doesn't show the scarf very well. I'll snap a better pic once it's not 1000 degrees in the place where the scarf is stored.

This is a photo by Xhirsti Daly of Becca Capers wearing the beard I knit her, 2010.