computer things

A Wordpress plugin I wrote to allow sign up for Mailtrain newsletters at WooCommerce checkout.

E-Paper Bulletin Board (EBB)
A Raspberery-Pi-powered e-paper bulletin board for cooperatives to communicate and coordinate with eachother.

A script I wrote between 2019 and 2020 to automate my plain text calendar.
This is a script I wrote in 2020 which generates html, a barebones 'blog' from a folder of images and txt. The Sexoskeleton site itself is like a half-joke between me and some friends.

An exhibit for Dweb Camp 2019, more info soooooooooon.....

This Site
This site is an adventure playground of code for me :)

I've been iterating on a photobooth program since ~2011 (which eventually turned into Scuttlebooth). This page details the earliest implementation of the photobooth.

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