m e t a

This site is hand-coded in html/css/js. Blog is generated from markdown by Pystatic.

I like to treat this site as an adventure playground. It's a haphazard experiment for me to try things. The design isn't perfect, but I'm iterating and learning and having fun. This is related to my general philosophy of making things which I need to do a proper write-up on....


Since 2020 site has been served by NGINX from a Qnap NAS named Qingle.


In February 2019 I migrated the site to a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero I named 'pingle.'

I built a case for it out of Lego. I was super pleased how seamlessly the Pi AND the ethernet adapter fit to the proportions of Lego pieces.


Earlier versions of this site were hosted by servers I called Dingle, starting with a green iMac in my sophomore year college dormroom around 2006. Since then it morphed into various iMacs, PowerMacs, Mac Minis and MacBooks.