Here are some organization/group projects I contribute to.

Free Sha Voca Do

This is the free store I run in my basement. It was in the works since fall 2021 but really kicked off fall 2022. More info on the Free Sha Voca Do site


Since December 2020 I've been a member/worker/owner at Autonomic.

Vermont Real Estate Cooperative

Since December 2019 I've been on the board of VREC. For about a year or two of that I served as the Secretary of the board.


Since summer 2019 my friend Lauren and I have been organizing Champlemerisle. Champlemerisle is a yearly arts event/picnic/gathering/camp-out of boats and rafts on Lake Champlain. The name is a portmanteau of Champlain (aka Pitawbagok) (the name of the lake) and Ephemerisle (an event champlemerisle is in part loosely inspired by ) which is itself a portmanteau of ephemeral and isle.

The event is intended to be anarchist, in that it is created by those who choose to participate in it. The original Champlemerisle slogan is, "decentralized, no promises". Basically Lauren and I organize it though, design and build rafts, marketing, website, logisitics, etc.

Coop Fed

In the spring of 2019, I worked with folks in local cooperatively organized houses to form the Burlington Federation of Cooperative Houses, Coop Fed.

Dandelion Cafe

In 2018, Francesca and I devised the concept of Dandelion Cafe. We created a zine which tells you how to gather, roast and process dandelion root and prepare dandelion coffee. The zine also defines a 'dandelion cafe' to be serving this beverage for free near to where it is found, outside, ideally using a solar cooker. The zine and more background is available on the website

Laboratory B

Since April 2018 I've been a member of the cooperative hackerspace Laboratory B


Since 2016, secret breakfast sandwich lunch club.


The Burlington Betterment and Beautification Bureau (BBBB) is an organization concerned with:

We pursue these concerns by engaging in the following activities:

Every meeting of the BBBB includes a trash pickup parade. The BBBB is loosely organized through an email list and twitter. The BBBB owned and operated a Seed Bomb vending machine from Greenaid as well as a tiny free library. I started the BBBB with Becca Hill in 2011

some older organizations