In 2010 I started the Pants Records record label with my friend Liz Wing. We only release music digitally or on re-used media such as cassette or VHS tapes.

(Typewritten piece by Conor McArdle)

In 2009 I started the F Cinema in my garage with my then roommate Ryan Winnick. We showed movies around once a week during the summer and fall of 2009 and less frequently during that winter and following spring. I designed and printed flyers and tickets for events which included showings of local films, a chat roulette night, live broadcasts from corespondents in China and Russia. Some nights drew a crowd, some nights it would just be 2 people smoking hash and watching Black Orpheus. At the peak of a heat wave we showed a sexy movie and handed out paper fans which I designed and constructed. We also hosted music festivals for Pants Records.

I started a business experiment in 2010 called Sewstainable Repants. I designed, printed and distributed the above flyer. All of my materials were recycled.


During most of my career at the University of Vermont I worked with the UVMtv club. This page details that experience.

During my senior year at Hanover High School I organized a sled club. We petitioned the class council for money to buy sleds to go sledding behind the school. I made a video about it for a high school art class.