I've been involved with a number of music projects under various names...

Courtesy Phone is an album I released on a floppy disk. It contains various sounds and demos from 1999-2018. Free download or floppies for purchase.

Shark Infested Lifetime

Shark Infested Lifetime is a duo of me and Conor McArdle. I play synthesizer and he does the beats/samples. A rough cut of our only song may be downloaded here.

some solo synth

For some of my solo musical works I have gone by the name Julius Sherbert. I often incorporate found audio from cassette tapes but I mainly just play the synthesizer. Examples:

Bobby Malone Eats Dirt is a band I am in with my friend Noah Chute. We karaoke covers of Janis Joplin songs while the audience plays Excite Bike 64 projected on top of us. Everyone in the audience plays as the character Bobby Malone and the sound in the game is adjusted so that only the announcer is heard. A recording snippet of our first performance can be downloaded here. More info may be found on Pants Records

Plasma Arc Waste Disposal (often referred to as simply Plasmaarc Wasted) is a band I'm in with Lindsay Tully. I play synthesizer and she plays drums. Our music is mostly about suburban sprawl, strip malls and waste management. The photo (courtesy of Lily Landes) is of our show at the Wedge. A rough cut of our song e-waste may be downloaded here. More information is available at the official website.

A live session I did with Data Birth during UVMtv's 24 hour telethon in 2009.

...some older music stuff