old computer things


One back burner programming project is a visual neural computation sandbox.

neuron animation

Hackathon game

I made a game at the My Web Grocer Hackathon, fall 2011. Download here. The export app function didn't work so I only have the source. Download Processing to run it. TO PLAY: You are the chunk of of xml code. WASD to move, P to shoot. Press N to spawn spinach.

hackathon game screenshot


Shapes is a program I wrote for a computer graphics class assignment in 2008. You can download it here. It creates platonic solids and is supposed to be able to stellate and truncate them. It is extremely outdated and likely only runs on PPC Macs....

Augmented reality

In school I also built an augmented reality sculpture program from an augmented reality library.


There was some coding involved in my work with UVMtv. Scripting the video server mainly. More info here.