This spring/summer I took the jumpsuit class on how to make a jumpsuit. The class was organized exceptionally well, synergistically pairing theory readings and discussion with sewing instruction. About 300 people were in the class all making jumpsuits together and chatting on Discord. It was a great time. Here are some photos of my process:

a large swath of green fabric hanging on a clothesline
I intentionally ordered too much fabric to save on shipping

2 halves of a green jumpsuit with a black and white cat on half of it
plum helped me out

white man wearing green jumpsuit with arms in the air smiling

What I posted on the Jumpsuit discord:

woohoo! Jumpsuit complete! Jankiness was encountered I think because I took my chest measurement on a full breath so the top is a little too big. But that's ok, should be able to fit layers underneath with the extra slack. Though, to take up some of the extra slack I added those 2 pinches in the front which seriously warp the waist. I have come to peace with it ahha. Also super janky breast pocket mod.

looking down the front of the jumpsuit at an odd angle showing the pinch points
the afformentioned front foldy bits

a loop added to the top back of the jumpsuit
during the final class I whipped together this loop to hang the jumpsuit on a hook

Good times. ARC is going to be teaching more online sewing/theory classes and I highly recommend them!