This past weekend was the second annual champlemerisle. Last year Lauren and I built two rafts based on this video of "camping rafts" and this year we built two more that combine into one big one. Also new this year we camped out on the sandbar. Despite covid about 12 people safely attended and had a blowout good time together. Here's a minute and a half video I threw together.

white pickup truck parked on green grass next to two giant inner tubes
martin is an essential tool in assembling champlemerisle

panorama of the solar pickup truck, an overturned boat, a red haired woman and the beach off to the right
lily at the launch site

eight people on boats and rafts in a lake with blue sky
photo by sophie

a close up of a similar scene from the previous photo with a man in a black hat and blue striped shirt waving and a woman in a teal shirt, hat and sunglasses eating watermelon
photo by emily

a dusk sunset with upturned stump in the foreground its roots reflecting the orange of the nearby camp fire
the sandbar where we camped has this magical upturned stump, photo by henry

Can't wait to do it again! See you next year!