Here are some photos I took of Erin and my trip to the Vermont Discount Warehouse in the spring of 2021.

batteries in clear plastic tubs on a rack
get your batteries to go

a yellow and black box containing an inkjet cartridge. The brand name is Inkjet Cartridges for Dummies
I suppose it was only a matter of time before Inkjet Cartridges for Dummies got into the inkjet cartridge business

a bag of fake acorns
in case you don't live in a place where acorns grow on trees

a bottle of 'BROO' 'craft beer' 'envigorating' conditioner
Broooo it's beer scented conditioner

a picture of a bin of hand sanitizers with a sign that reads, "Pro Sanitize 2oz 49¢ hand sanitizer
good deal during pandemic

cod liver oil dietary supplement that reads, "emulsion de escocia" and has a child with tightly combed hair holding out a fish
this child will give you a fish for 50¢

a box of Lil Yachty's Reese's Puffs

a swoopy, orange chaise lounge chair
this place has nice chaises

a woman in all black sits in a soft, blue chair
Erin tests the seat

a sign that reads '"BEST IF USED BY" DEFINITION' and then has a long definition that is cut off by the beam the sign is sitting on
We want you know "we know all this stuff is expired but technically it's not bad for you" but not badly enough to properly mount the sign

a cart full of Cotton Candy Crunch cereal with a sign that reads '"FREE" 2 per customer'
I don't usually pass on "free" stuff but I passed on capn's cotton candy crunch.