I don't fancy myself much of a photographer but I take a lot and sometimes cool stuff happens.

~ a B&W roll of film I took in 2016
~ I have some random photos on flickr
~ I posted on instagram from 2012 to 2016

Below are some photos I took between 2008 and 2012.

links, Burlington VT, July 2012

bee in the overhead light, July 2012

Sandor imitates Kermit, Burlington VT, June 2012

Burlington VT, January 2011

2 chewable bears, December 2010

Burlington (modified with photoshop), October 2010

What happens when you put liquid dish soap in the dish washer, Burlington VT, September 2010

a nice desktop, Norwich VT, September 2010

Dragonfly sun rays, Burlington, July 2010

batman, Burlington, July 2010

txts 2, April 2010

Riverside, Istanbul, April 2010

Run Bockle, Istanbul, April 2010

txts, March 2010

Beer, March 2010

Nashville, January 2010

Nashville, January 2010

Burlington, October 2009

Burlington, April 2009

sweatshirt, Burlington, April 2009

Arden, Burlington, April 2009

Submerge, 2008. A black and white version of this image was featured in the fall 2008 edition of UVM's Vantage Point literary magazine under the pseudonym Owen Julius Sherbert.