Body Stuff

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so far this page is mostly shaving stuff...

shaving stuff

The most sustainable way to shave is with a safety razor. The blades are cheap (pennies) and made only of steel so they can easily be recycled. The razor handles are mechanically simple (just one screw) and last forever. I've been shaving this way for almost a decade. I quite enjoy the ritual of it. It gets a close shave without the blades clogging. Below are the components of my shaving setup. If you're new to safety razor shaving I recommend finding an old dude or any person in person or on vimeo/youtube/VHS who can walk you through the process. Perhaps one day I'll be that old dude for you...

a fine razor

You can get a great razor on something like Etsy for probably the same or less you can get it on Amazon. They last forever! But, you can also get a new one on Amazon for$29.

I'm pretty sure this is the soap I use. Basically you want anything that froths nicely and has a circular shape that fits into your mug. This one is

descrip$9.50 or you can get two for $15.